Hi, I’m Aaryan, an 18 year old incoming freshman at the University of Toronto (St. George), and currently a high school senior at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. I plan to major in Engineering Science BASc. with a specialization in Finance/Stats/Maths (FSM) or Machine Intelligence which I can leverage during the work-experience (PEY Co-op) in my 3rd year in a hands-on environment. I am currently completing an intensive pre-collegiate coursework from the University of Toronto Future Engineers Academy (UTEA) alongside preparing for entrance exams including JEE Mains and BITSAT 2021. I am the Vice President at the Quizzing Club and a senior member at the Think Lab in my school. I am also a member of my school’s Aerospace and Physics Societies. I used my management skills to help organize the annual events Infinitus Reus and Think Summit for the clubs respectively. As a quizzer myself, I am really interested in sports quizzing and designed the complete sports section for Infinitus Reus.

I aspire to be a data analyst as I find the work they do to be really fun and interesting and something I find myself doing when I am reading articles related to sports or science. I end up wondering why the data figures are the way they are or what could change them. So, I try to the best of my ability to understand it and come up with a logical explanation.

I am fascinated by anything related to numbers, data or facts! Observing patterns and trends contained within any form of data is something that I have always liked. Making predictions and projections by using these trends led me to write my first research paper on COVID-19. In this I have tried to predict how the COVID-19 situation in India will look like for the next few months and when will we begin to see a decline in the active cases.

Learning Python has been a great advantage for me, combining it with my competitive spirit and wanting the best for people around me, I decided to help me school football team by selecting an ideal team for them and helped them with team selections during trials using the Player Position Finder and Ideal Team Generator.

I am currently learning Java and ML using Tensor Flow to help me in my future endeavours in the world of Machine Learning and Data Science. I wish to use these skills in an effective manner, either by streamlining current systems or by creating new methods to solve exisiting issues.

I don’t like to see people burdened by hardships so I think of effective ways to help them. I recently helped create an online fundraiser which involved a cooking competition that allowed people to demonstarte their abilities while helping the migrants who were deeply affected by the lockdowns in India.

Fun stuff: I like to watch gameplay videos on Youtube and Twitch, especially the Sidemen and some other UK, US youtbers. I can be often found reading through Wikipedia pages of people, places or events and that is something I really enjoy doing. Also, I’m currently listening to a lot of Pop-Rock, R&B and EDM.

I see this website as a way to express my thoughts and opinions, as a common platform for discussion and debate on varied subjects. I feel that communication is the key to success and there is no better way for the world to progress rather than it. I am always keen to work on new projects so hit me up with any new ideas or plans at aaryannagpal2003@gmail.com.

Make sure to follow me on all the above socials to receive instant updates when I drop new stuff!

Let’s build something together.

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