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The 2018 Uefa Champions League Final.!..


Its that time of the year again, its the final of the Uefa Champions league. Real Madrid and Liverpool have made it to the final in Kiev, Ukraine this year. Real Madrid are looking to win a third successive Champions League title, while Liverpool have made it to the final for the first time since 2006 when they last won the title. 2018 has been a year of surprises in the footballing world, an “English Team” making the final of the Champions League..? When did that last happen? I’m really happy for Liverpool for making it to the final and I’ll be supporting them!

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  1. Mo Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are both contenders for this years Ballon D’or will be going head to head in the final.
  2. Ronaldo, who is already on 15 goals in this years UCL, could add to his tally. Mo Salah who also has 10 goals could add to his tally too.
  3. Real Madrid are looking forward to defend their title, win it for the 3rd consecutive time and win it for the 4th time in the last 5 years. This will also be their 13th UCL crown. ( most successful club ).
  4. If Liverpool win, they will lift their 6th title moving ahead of Barcelona, Bayern Munich in the process.
  5. Most importantly, the winner of the final will go on to lift the Ballon D’or. As much as I hate to admit it, I think it is going to be Ronaldo.


I and a friend of mine had a chat about the Final and here are our thoughts.
My thoughts!

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Real Madrid 3 – 1 Liverpool

Ronaldo, Kroos and Bale to score for Madrid and Salah for Liverpool.
My friends thoughts! (Kushal Thaman)

Real Madrid 3 – 2 Liverpool

Ronaldo, Ramos and Marcelo to score for Madrid and Salah and Mane for Liverpool.

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So, its finally over.. 3-1 to Real Madrid who win their 3rd consecutive title.

My prediction was almost correct, I’m happy but disappointed at the same time

Karius, the Liverpool goalkeeper had the worst game of his life. Bale’s shots were stunners but the last goal could have been saved and he just carelessly passed the ball to Benzema for his goal.

Real beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev on Saturday thanks to a Gareth Bale double and a Karim Benzema strike. Ronaldo was silent throughout the final as failed to add it his already impressive 15 goals.

All goals in the Final are here in this video.


Related image

Real had a good night but for Liverpool not so much. Their key player Mo Salah was injured before halftime by a foul by Sergio Ramos. Now, some might say it was unintentional but I personally think it was intentional. Injuring the opponent teams best player would seem like a good plan, wouldn’t it?.. Well thats at least what Ramos thought.


Not the most appeasing final of the UEFA Champions League, but a good one nevertheless. Congratulations to Real Madrid C.F. for winning the ultimate club level trophy, but its time to move on to the FIFA World Cup now which starts in June,2018.

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The groups have been decided, whom are you supporting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and also don’t forget to suggest things that you might think I missed out on. Thanks for reading!!

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