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So recently in the world of football or soccer (as the Americans say) there have been quite some transfers from one club to another and it just made things interesting. It all started in 2016 when Paul Pogba joined Manchester United from Juventus for a sum of $120 Million which had the whole world in shocks. People started asking if he was really worth that much or it was just Jose Mourinho who wanted to show the world how much money Man U actually had.



In 2017 things got even more heated. With everyone excited for the new season, rumours about player transfers were on every football fans mind. Then soon started the rumour that PSG would buy Neymar from Barcelona by paying his buyout clause of $270 million. This had everyone in shocks, some people even said that football has now just become a game of money. The one who has more funds rules the game.

And this Neymar move actually happened. Everyone said that Barcelona would not be the same team anymore and that PSG would now become world beaters. All of those talks were put to bed when rumours started that Barcelona would buy Ousmane Dembele or Phillipe Coutinho using the money from the Neymar transfer.


Finally in August, 2017 he joined Barcelona for a whopping  $135 million from Borussia Dortmund. Since then he has played very few matches for the club as only during his 2nd game he was injured for 3 months. He is still 20, and there is a very bright future for him in the world of football.

Earlier in the same year Barcelona had also tried bidding for Phillipe Coutinho but both bids were rejected by Liverpool as he was a very valuable asset in their team. In January, 2018 it hit the headlines that the transfer had been made.


It hit the headlines in January, 2018 that Philippe Coutinho had joined Barcelona from Liverpool in a deal worth $192 million. All this speculation about the fact that Barcelona had lost one of its main men and that they would take at least a couple of seasons to return back to their top form was put to bed.

With this move done and dusted Barcelona are set to prove to the world that losing a great leader in the form of Neymar Jr doesn’t affect their plans of winning many more pieces of silverware in the near future.


With the 2017-18 La Liga season almost halfway through, here’s how the current Top 5 standings look in Barca’s debut season after losing Neymar to PSG.

18 Matches Played

  1. BARCELONA                                   48 Points
  2. ATLÉTICO MADRID                       39 Points
  3. VALENCIA                                        37 Points
  4. REAL MADRID                                32 Points (17 Played)
  5. SEVILLA                                           29 Points

The league table gives an accurate representation of how Neymars loss hasn’t affected Barca a bit.

Nothing quite as strange in the UEFA Champions League.

All top 4 teams of 2016/17 season except Atletico Madrid reached the round of 16 quite easily. Although Barcelona were the only ones to top their group with 16 points.

That’s all for this blog. Leave your comments below suggesting some thoughts or feedback, its appreciated.



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