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Sidemen – The Rise (1/3)

The Ultimate Sidemen are a group of YouTube personalities who rose to prominence through their video game commentaries posted on the video sharing site. They consist of....


Ultimate Sidemen | Sidemen XIX

The Ultimate Sidemen are a group of YouTube personalities who rose to prominence through their video game commentaries posted on the video sharing site. They consist of Ethan, Harry, JJ, Josh Simon, Tobi and Vikk. All together these guys are all YouTube legends with over 50 million subscribers combined on all of their channels.

The Sidemen..

  1. Ethan Payne – Behzinga
  2. Harry Lewis – W2S
  3. Josh Bradley – Zerkaa
  4. Olajide Olatunji – KSIOlajideBT
  5. Simon Minter – Miniminter
  6. Tobi Brown – TBJZL
  7. Vikram Barn – Vikkstar123

The Sidemen play a variety of games including FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and more across a range of platforms. As well as their video game commentaries they also post various real life videos and vlogs including football, pranks and more.

JJ, Josh, Simon and Vikk currently live in a house together, while Ethan, Harry and Tobi live in the Startford Halo Tower.

For more details on the Sidemen House, click the link below..

Sidemen House!

Sidemen XIX is a reference to when the group were formed, on October 19th 2013 – in Roman Numerals, XIX means 19!

Formation of the Sidemen.

  • Originally, JJ (KSI) was the only YouTuber. Simon (miniminter) & JJ became friends in Year 8 (aged 12-13). Simon would help him record videos by holding the camera and such.
  • The two eventually ended up connecting with Josh (Zerkaa), who was long-term friends with Tobi (TBJZL).
  • On Josh’s birthday, the four were all in a voice hangout and started watching a stream from Ethan (Behzinga); they then invited him to the group. This group was nicknamed – by Simon – as “The Original Five”.
  • They started recording and playing GTA together, and then invited Vikk (Vikkstar123). He was a fit – despite not being as invested in FIFA/football as the others – so naturally he joined the group, as it was an informal group at the time.
  • The ‘Ultimate Sidemen’ – minus Harry (Wroetoshaw) – officially formed on 19 October 2013. A few months later, in early 2014, they asked Harry to record with them and he too fit in

Brief Description of All the Sidemen!

Olajide Olatunji

He is the origin of the Sidemen, having nearly 17 Million Subscribers he is considered by many as the best YouTuber..

More on KSI

Harry Lewis

Having the second most Subscribers (10 Million) in the Sidemen, Harry was the last person to join the group in 2014.

More on W2S

Simon Minter

Simon has 6 Million Subscribers and is considered the most entertaining Sidemen out of all of them. He is also referred to as a snake.

More on Miniminter

Vikram Barn

Vikk has 3 channels with each having more than a Million Subscribers. He is considered as the most consistent Sideman.

More on Vikkstar123

Josh Bradley

Josh is the oldest Sideman, older than Simon by 2 days. He is the best on most games and also won the Ultimate Sideman Award.

More on Zerkaa

Tobi Brown

Tobi has been friends with Josh for over 10+ years now, he is the most consistent YouTuber in my opinion when it comes to series.

More on TBJZL

Ethan Payne

Ethan is the fat guy out of the Sidemen “not a fat joke”. He was recently involved in a feud with Ricegum to which his friend Callux responded by absolutely destroying Ricegum.

More on Behzinga

My Opinion on the Sidemen.

My favourite Sideman is Simon followed by Vikk and Josh. I like the rest too. Sidemen should also include ChrisMD?! Leave your suggestions below..

Who is you favourite Sideman? Any ideas for part 2 and 3??! Follow and thanks!







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