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Best April Fools Pranks

April’s Fools day is here,so you need to be prepared with an arsenal of hilarious pranks that you can play on friends, family members and bitter enemies. Here are the 5 best pranks that you can play on your friends and family!

Insect Lamps

This prank is pretty simple, a bit of precision cutting and you’re ready.!

Balloon Prank Fake Out

Just a clever little bit of thinking, someone coming from outside feels like the whole house is crammed with balloons!

Plant a Grass Garden in Your Friends Keyboard

Buy some small lentil seeds that grow quickly, remove the keyboards keys, add a bit of soil and water. Take your friend out for a 2-3 hour party and when you’re back. ‘Voila’

Infinite Shopping Cart loop around someone’s car!

Get in a grocery store, borrow some carts and create a loop of them around someone’s car, so it literally becomes impossible for him/her to drive out the car. !

Attach an Airhorn to a Seat

Probably one of the most common pranks but still quite funny. The airhorn prank is very filthy. Doing this is simple and the damage it causes is ridiculous!

Try these pranks right now!! Did they work, comment below and also don’t forget to follow for future blogs! Thanks!!

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