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Most of us are interested in video games or even normal PC games. Some may play games just for the sake of fun while others take it seriously and become professional gamers. Now I am no professional, however here are a few tips and tricks on five of the of the most played games over the past few years that I have learnt over the years! The games I’ll be discussing about are FIFA 17, Pokémon Go, H1Z1 and the new trending (io) games such as agar.io, slither.io etc..!


Fifa 17 is a game that doesn’t actually have many tricks but I can surely give you some, here is a list of them

  1. Using higher rated players doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the advantage over your opponent. You can win a game by using some players that are overpowered on the game or as pros term them ‘sweaty players’. Some of them are Eric Bailly, Leroy Sané, Hector Bellerín, Fernandinho etc..
  2. Using sniping method for buying players off the transfer market, which is setting the buy price to the lowest of a particular player and then continuously searching for him and buying him as soon as he pops up which requires a lot of skill.
  3. Making short and quick passes while on attacking and using skill moves only when required. While on defensive never sprint towards your opponents player as your man may be beaten and scoring chances for your opponent higher.
  4. Completing Squad Builder Challenges as they provide you with packs and some quality players with great stats and also with loan legends.
  5. Do not discard bronze, silver or non-rare golds as they can help in completing Squad Builder Challenges and also do not discard fitness cards and chemistry styles.

Pokémon Go

Now this is one game that I can give tricks but due to locational differences it could be a bit different.

  1. One of the most important tips is never ever use Great on Ultra balls on non-rare pokémons as that’s just a waste of them, they can be caught using normal Poké balls.
  2. Do not transfer all duplicate Pokémons unless and until you have enough candy to evolve one or have gotten a higher CP one than the previous one.
  3. Capture a gym only if you have teammates of the same team around you otherwise it could be taken by someone else even after defeating it to keep the gym safe.
  4. Defender bonus is earned when you capture a gym and no one else is able to take it off you, this gives you Poké coins that can be used to buy utility items like incense or lucky egg.
  5. And keep yourself safe at all times while playing the game never run on a busy road or a place which is not safe for standing or sitting.

H1Z1: King of the Kill 

H1Z1 pro literally, ask anything you want, these are just some tricks.

  1. H1Z1 one is a tactical survival game that can be played solo, in duels or groups of five. The most important tip is to land in a place like a caravan town or small locality because loot is available and the amount of people to fight are less.
  2. The best guns on the game are the AR-15 (.223 rounds) and the hunting rifle usually found in supply drop crates which are protected by air strikes so it’s hard to open them. Best pistol is Magnum and shotgun can be used for close quarter combats as they are a one shot kill if you aim correctly.
  3. Getting a car is very important too if you land away from the safe zone which is announce every few minutes p, toxic gas covers the unsafe zone which decreases health, jeep is the best car in the game.
  4. If lucky or if you have complete knowledge of the map you can find laminated armour which is very helpful, makeshift armours can be made using duct tapes, armour scarps and the materials you get after shredding a tan military backpack.
  5. Get spare helmets, tactical helmets are the best as they cover us from headshots, also get first aid kits which heal up to 75 health instantly. Gamers refer to a headshot as ‘I two tapped him’! 

Io Games 


Agar.io is a game which is best when played with friends as it uses a lot of strategy and planning.

  1. Agar.io is a tactical game just like H1Z1 but does not have it’s complexity. It’s just a simple game in which you are a blob trying to gain mass, eating smaller blobs and running away from bigger ones.
  2. When you spawn in you have just 10 mass but the leaders have nearly 10,000 mass, so don’t be scared stay away from the top ten and start munching on the small food cell and gain mass 
  3. Once you have a mass of about 200-300 you can try eating other cells by chasing them, as splitting won’t help in eating them.
  4. After you are at about 1000 mass you can try split kills or spamming food into the viruses to make them explode into other blobs breaking them into smaller pieces and eating them by splitting.
  5. In this way you can make your way to the leaderboard or who knows maybe even the first rank. Just follow my methods.


Slither.io is a very easy game almost the same things apply on it and agar.io.

  1. Slither.io is just like agar.io just instead of a blob you control a snake/worm (unending debate), in this game the objective remains the same but the method of achieving it changes a bit.
  2. The only way you can increase in size is by eating small bits of food or killing other slitherers by making the head of their snake/worm touch the body of our ones.
  3. Then you collect the food from the kill and grow larger, usually most of the fights are in the centre of the circular map where it is very easy to find a the remains of a kill and leftovers to eat and grow on.
  4. Once you grow large about 1000+ mass then you become more prone to being killed as your turning circle becomes larger and small slitherers can kill you.
  5. If you want to practice play offline on the AI server and online on the main server. Try getting to the leaderboard or lead by playing smart rather than hard.

Thank you for reading, hope these tricks and tips help you the next time you play any of these games, do comment below if these were helpful and leave suggestions and your experiences.! Please follow, thank you, new blog tomorrow!!

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