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Formula 1

I know that this is a sport that only interests few but to those that it does, must also know that the new 2017 season is underway. This year there are many new inclusions including changes in cars and rules. F1 Cars have become longer, wider and shorter which increases the downforce and speeds of these ultra-quick vehicles. The picture below shows the differences between a 2016 and a 2017 F1 car.

F1 Car Comparison

Teams and Drivers
There is not much change in drivers, Lance Stroll for Williams and Stoffel Vandoorne for McLaren are the only new drivers. There have been some changes in the teams though, Rosberg’s retirement gave space to Valterri Bottas, Esteban Ocon moved to Force India from Manor, Nico Hulkenberg moved to Renault Kevin Magnussen to Haas and Pascal Wehrlein to Sauber from Manor. You can check the list for all the drivers and teams over here –

Rules and Regulations 

There are also many rule changes for this season which if I start writing will become boring so here’s a link which will guide you through all the rule changes. 

Title Favourites 

In my opinion this year’s Championship will be a hard one to win as all three Mercedes, Ferrari and Red-bull are quite close to each other in both quick laps and race pace stimulations. Although Mercedes have a slight advantage I still believe it can be anyone’s championship. 

Drivers to look out for

The drivers to look out for this season will definitely be Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. If Fernando Alonso had a better car he too would have been up there.

My Favourite 

I am a Sebastian Vettel fan and I want him to win the World Championship which would make him a 5 time F1 World Champion and that’s quite an achievement. But of course if he has to win it he will have to beat the likes of Hamilton and Max which are a tough competition as we saw last season.

What are your thoughts, leave them in the comments below! Thanks!


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